NHS Services

6 Week / 8 Week Baby Checks

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Cervical Smears

Cholesterol Counselling

COPD Reviews

Diabetic Reviews

Ear Syringes

Earwax normally just falls out by itself. When it has built up and is blocking your ears, our nurses can help. It is recommended by our nurses that you. It is recommended you place oil in your ear, using a dropper while lying your head on one side for a few minutes to let it work its way through your ear canal(s). This should be done for a week before your appointment.

Family Planning

This clinic provides the patient with comprehensive information and guidance related to the number of children they would like to have. Whether the number is zero or if they would like to understand when would be the best time to have children. This clinic also include contraception counselling if the patient desires to know more.

First Contact Physiotherapist

If you had recently hurt your muscles or you are experiencing certain bone pains, you can now see our First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP). They specialise in dealing with any recent or newly diagnosed muscular-skeletal problems. All of their appointment are face to face in either the Gosford green, Holyhead and Stoney Stanton sites. Please contact the reception to learn more.


Joint Injections

Mental Health Review

Social Prescribing

“Do you have social, emotional or practical concerns and need support? Our Social Prescribing team can help. Know that your GP practice is more than your GP.”

Social prescribing can help and support you with:

  • Bereavement
  • Caring for Someone
  • Finances & Employment
  • Healthy Lifestyles/ Weight Management
  • Housing Concerns
  • Living with Health Conditions
  • Mental Health
  • Social Activities & Groups
  • Volunteering & Education

Travel Immunisations

Please note, not all travel vaccinations can be given through the NHS anymore. As per NHS guidelines, the Nurses at your GP can offer advice regarding the vaccinations you need or already have. Please click here to learn more.

The remaining vaccinations can be obtained from Travel Klinix.