POD (Prescription Ordering Direct)

We are currently using a service called the POD (PRESCRIPTION ORDERING DIRECT) Telephone Number is 02476 246072

This enables patients on repeat prescriptions to order via telephone, MON-FRI from 8am to 5pm.

This service was introduced to ensure that patients are receiving the correct quantity of medication that they need in a timely manner to reduce the amount of prescription waste. Unused prescription medicines cost the NHS over 6 million in Coventry and Rugby alone. The service is staffed by experienced prescribing clerks and clinical members who will have immediate access to all repeat prescription records and immediate access to the surgery should the need arise. All personal information is secure and confidential.

If a designated pharmacy was ordering your prescription for you this service will no longer be available. Pharmacy’s can still continue to collect your prescription from the surgery and dispense it, just no longer order; this will now be the patients responsibility. There are several options in which you can order if the POD service is not convenient for you.